citizens-of-the-world-meghan-mctavish-dominic-loneraganThis week we chat with Meghan Loneragan, one half of the creative duo behind the lifestyle blog Citizens of the World .

COTW is a collaborative effort with her husband: lifestyle and portrait photographer Dominic Loneragan. This cute, candle-creating couple have created an intriguing brand and blog. Meghan’s writing explores with beautiful depth the people and places around her, with intriguing stories capturing the essence of the COTW brand. From her Sydney home to African plains, Meghan’s lifestyle blog captures the cool, the creative and the current.

Your elevator statement – who are you professionally and personally?

I run a lifestyle website that focuses on people and places.

Tell us about your typical day in communications?

I work from home so I like to make the most of the zero commute and start work as soon as I wake up. Coffee in hand, responding to emails that’ve come in overnight. I normally have a list of articles and news pieces I aim to produce for the site but to be honest, most of the day is spent liaising with PRs and other writers.

When did you first know you wanted to work in communications?

Ever since I was in school, although back then it was all about magazines. In university my best marks came from digital based subjects and blogging was still a new-ish thing and so my passion started there. It’s taken a few years to be able to make it a full-time career.

Who’s your communication hero/mentor?

I don’t know if anyone has just one hero or mentor. You could have one for business, one for life and one for editorial. Have to say though that my husband and business partner is my sounding board and always has the best advice when I need a little ‘back bone’.

But my ideal mentor would be a mix between Leandra Medine + Jacques Fresco + Paul Theroux.

Which tools can’t you live without?

We always joke that a healthy Wi-Fi connection is a basic human right and I do feel a little warm feeling of comfort when I see at least three bars on my phone.

What are the biggest challenges in your role?

Finding that balance between writing stories, sourcing content and talking to advertisers on collaborations. Our job is to essentially make it all look free and easy but like a duck swimming, we’ve got our legs moving pretty fast under the water.

What’s been the biggest change to communication/marketing/public relations since you began your career?

We can’t believe how much social media following has influenced how brands select their spokespeople. It feels like people are chosen on how large their digital footprint is rather that their expertise. In some ways it has levelled the playing field and opened up the world but in other ways we feel for ‘old school’ talent that didn’t embrace digital so much. Maybe the pendulum will swing? I say this knowing that we really appreciate having a large social following but there has to be more depth there, a skill or an educated opinion.

What quality do you look for in your communication team members?

A unique point of view.

What’s your favourite brand?

It used to be anything food related but lately it’s more North Face and adventuring.

What book/blog do you think every communicator should read?

If you work in social media than Jon Loomer’s site is the bible for all things Facebook marketing.

For editorial inspiration we love the work at – they have some incredible writers.

What tips do you wish you’d known starting out in communications?

It’s a naturally competitive industry but supporting others and having a warmth about you is what draws people in. Aim to stay childlike and enthusiastic.

Finish this sentence: ‘Communication is…’ easy, GOOD communication is everything.