Our calling is to convene the change-makers, the creators, and the commentators to discuss the art of communication in all its forms. The answer: dust off the taperecorder and revive our Communicator’s Corner right here on Cellophane.

At the c word, we live and breathe communication. We are creatives, thought leaders and sometimes rule breakers, and we have a particular interest in sharing our thoughts, ideas and occasional rants wicommscornerth others and hearing from likeminded colleagues, chums and collaborators.

Each week you’ll hear from a range of communicators, including journalists, poets and CEOs, about what makes them tick. We’ll kick off next week with our very own CEO Jack Walden and then the conversations begin.

In the first series of Communicator’s Corner we heard from professionals from a variety of backgrounds including an academic, a public sector advisor, a corporate PR professional, and a political reporter.

The art of communication is critical. Through this blog series we hope to gain insight, and tips from passionate communicators just like the c word crew.

But first, it’s time to brush up on our interviewing skills. We will be sure to take a lesson or two from global news anchor Katie Couric.

“Nothing is worse for me as a viewer than to watch someone go down a laundry list of questions and not explore something with a little more depth after someone has answered a question … I think you need to use your questions as sort of a template, but you have to be willing to listen and veer off in a totally different direction.”

Great communication is a capability within each of us. Our skills are moulded as we take on the opportunities and challenges of everyday life, and it is measured by our successes and failures. We believe that the communication lessons we learn in our everyday lives can and should be carried with us into our work environments.

Now, do you fancy being a contenstant?