I’d bet that you used a computer mouse made of plastic to reach this blog post. A far cry from the original prototype constructed from wood and metal.

Sadly the clever chap who invented the ubiquitous computer mouse passed away this week in California. Douglas Engelbart was 88 leaving behind a world filled with computer mice* of all varieties.

Consider the importance of a mouse to communications. Social media, online transactions, desktop publishing, email, word processing, presentations, the satisfaction of ticking off your electronic to do list are all but a click away.

Imagine a world without the computer mouse? Although as many observe that world is probably not too far away

What’s most interesting about the story of the computer mouse was the inventor’s desire to create something that would encourage sharing of information. Objective achieved.

Today as you click away, spare a click for Engelbart. Take some time to click through and discover some of the incredible information at your fingertips.

And consider if he had received a dollar or even a cent for every click? Sadly Engelbart earned no royalties from his invention but did receive $500,000 through the Lemelson-MIT Prize for inventors. He also received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Bill Clinton, which I’m sure you’ll agree was well deserved.

This week also marked the Fourth of July in the USA and saw members of our crew attend the Melbourne consulate’s festivities at the MCG with cutouts of Michelle and Obama.

This weekend we’re in Sydney for the Wallabies and Lions decider. Hopefully the green and gold is out in force.

Have a great weekend.


Jack and the c word crew

* Tom Chivers in the Telegraph pointed out: “in case you’re wondering: it’s computer mice, not computer mouses. Dr Engelbart was very clear about that.”