Australian Flag

What a week! Exclamation point.

One could be excused for thinking this week’s closing comment was going to be all about sport in Australia with the British and Irish lions in town, the second State of Origin taking over Suncorp Stadium, more scandals in the [insert sporting code here] and controversy in the cricketing world.

But no!!! Firstly knitting was under scrutiny. And sadly we’re not talking about the craft du jour of Melbourne hipsters. Monday morning’s Twitter feeds, news headlines and airwaves were clogged with chatter about an Australian Women’s Weekly photo shoot with the soon to be former PM.

But they couldn’t leave it at that. With the last day of parliament looming, the Labour Party decided we needed to put the spotlight back on Canberra.

A former prime minister became the current prime minister, our first female prime minister delivered a composed, classy and concise farewell speech, and the rest of Australia looked on in bemusement.

As fast as superman* (and we’re not talking about KRudd) leaps tall buildings, Twitter was aflutter again with compassionate pleas for sanity, colourful anecdotes, chuckle worthy one-liners and calls for an earlier election.

And just when you thought it was safe to break for a cup of tea** it was over to Yarralumla where the best china had been dragged out yet again for another PM swearing in.

If the last few days are anything to go by then the next 11 weeks should be one hell of a carnival!


Jack & the c word crew

*The new superman movie opened this week with our Russell in the role of superman’s father.

** We’re drinking copious amounts of T2’s Australian breakfast blend at the moment following our recent gala dinner for the Melbourne Boston Sister Cities Association