Editing a paper photo from Flickr by Nic's events
Editing photo from Flickr by Nic's events
Our senior copywriter, Aimee Said, shares some tips for effective copywriting.
Whether you’re writing an email, newsletter, website, brochure or annual report, you should always:
  1. Plan – think about why you’re writing and how you want your reader to respond to it. Having a goal keeps your writing focused.
  2. Put the issues up front – stating in the first paragraph what you’re writing about gives context to your communication. It helps readers to take in what you’re telling them or asking of them, within the boundaries you’ve set.
  3. Write in plain language – using everyday words, short sentences, short paragraphs and other plain language writing techniques makes your writing easier to read and understand for all readers, regardless of their literacy level or expertise in the subject matter.
  4. Structure your document – long, unbroken chunks of text are hard to read and almost impossible to scan. Headings, bullet lists, graphics and other layout techniques guide readers visually through the information.
  5. Proofread – sloppy grammar, misused (or just plain missing) punctuation and spelling mistakes degrade your written communication, and your credibility.

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