With movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland giving audiences a 3D experience like never before, it wasn’t going to be long before advertisers followed suit.

TorchMedia has teamed up with Starcom MediaVest to produce a campaign for Mars’ M&M’s called ‘Bare All’. The campaign began late last month and has been rolled out  in Westfield Shopping Centres across NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

The posters have been printed “two-flip” using different images and animation. When you view the poster from one angle, you can see the Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange M&M’s. Yet when you view it from another angle, the M&M’s appear ‘naked’ and you finally see the call to action “Search for the naked M&M’s”. The promotion invites viewers to buy a promotional ‘Bare All’ pack, and find ‘naked’ uncoated M&M’s inside to win $20,000.

Well, we’re tempted to head on down to Southland to check them out, after all we are all fans of Crispy M&M’s in the office. In fact, the c word team are craving M&M’s right now. Doh! *facepalm* Don’t worry though! We’ll be strong and resist.

Have you seen the 3D posters? If so, what do you think of the campaign?

A little gripe we do have is with the website for the campaign. Who is going to wait 90 seconds for the page to load just to view videos (yes, we did time it with our stopwatch but left soon after). C’mon guys – you can do better than that.

Have fun searching for the naked M&M’s.

the c word